Hado van Hasselt

Hado van Hasselt

I now work at the Center for Mathematics and Computer Science (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, CWI). Please update your bookmarks to my page there.

The old page below will no longer be updated...




Latest News

My paper on Double Q-learning was accepted at NIPS.

About me

I am currently employed as project member at CWI (the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, which translates to the center for mathematics and computer science). I have nearly finished my dissertation on reinforcement learning at the University of Utrecht. I have conducted my Ph.D. research mainly under supervision of Marco Wiering.

My main research interests and the topic of my dissertation are in the field of reinforcement learning. My other research interests include machine learning in a broader sense, classification, evolutionary strategies and statistical learning.




Name: Hado van Hasselt
Date of Birth: September 12th, 1979
Nationality: Dutch


2000 - 2006 Cognitive Artificial Intelligence (Cognitieve Kunstmatige Intelligentie).
At the University of Utrecht.


2010 - present Project member at CWI
2006 - present Ph.D. student
2001 - 2005 Several student assistentships
Assisting the course Imperative Programming - Java (twice).
Assisting the course Mathematics for AI (twice).
Assisting the course Mathematics for Neural Networks (twice).
1999 - 2003 Several helpdesk jobs.


Winner best CKI thesis of the year 2005/2006


My contact data can be found on the staff page of the department.